Monday, 15 August 2016

How to analyze a best antivirus in terms of security and Usage

In today's era, we All are aware about online scams and other malicious mails that do a harmful impact on our system working. The Questions arise here that:
 How do we choose a best antivirus protection for our PC/Laptop/Mobile?
What are the parameters those we follow while selecting a Strong firewall setup?
Are those pattern and techniques are sufficient for a best selection?
Answer is:
  We should look for the services from the antivirus package like Data security, file encryption, security transaction process online, and Strong VPN Selection, That's we GlobalTech Squad Technically experts suggesting to do but, Around 80% to 90% people used a different and not a illogical theorem to do so Like: Ratio of usage of that particular antivirus , judge by the comments that might be written by some of the genuine or fake users.
Do we ever think about the transparency of services provided with the product? Almost 70% people don't even think about the post support from the product company just see a open source and do download program as per the instructions, After that purchase a a key for availing that antivirus program.
Is it sufficient for availing a product as per our expectation term of action, genuinely if we will be look after the complete product then there must be inclusion of online support or remote support or support on call at real time. Did you imagine how easy it would be to install a antivirus package with accurate selection of services and setting up their settings at their own. then after there would not be any chance of incorrect installation of services. While being on remote it will give you a transparency of Antivirus Installation and also guide you for the further changes if you would like to make.

We GlobalTech Squad gives you support in choosing a right antivirus service package as per the analyzed result of your PC configuration, mode of working, and usage over internet. There are some of the services which we analyze on your behalf from a Best suitable antivirus for you:
* Blocking of viruses, spywares, and other malware programs.
* Protection link wise, web scanning, safe threading while using social media: Twitter, Facebook.
* Strength of file shredder, securely delete files to provide prevention from snooping.
* Provide secure tunnel to email protection and strength of avoiding malicious attachments.
* Algorithm of shielding for secure  online transaction and forceful killing harmful downloads.
* Algorithm of Data and password encryption that will show that how wisely our antivirus system will protect our important files.
* Anticipation of disabling spam  and scammers.
* Enhancing skills for building a firewall against blocking hackers and safe online shopping.
* Strength of identifying and killing network intruders.
We Look after above properties of a antivirus by examining Performance, Protection, and Usability.
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