Thursday, 11 August 2016

“Norton” ,The Antivirus support and Utilities for your PC/Laptop

Norton is Brand that you are trusting from a very long time because of its functioning and Strong firewall system. Antivirus work as tunnel between the receiver and sender of data packets.  Sent data is encrypted by the strong algorithm of Norton Antivirus support that can’t be breaking out ever.
Norton has updated a newer feature in this series that your password and credit card, debit card all details will be secured while even you're using a public Wi-Fi, hot spot. It support do encrypt these all personal information by it's advance bank grade algorithm. It provides you a special functionality that is you will be allowed to use browser anonymously. There would not be any record of your information in browser history or in logs. You become free to use your favorite application and personal data anywhere "NO MATTER YOU ARE USING YOUR SYSTEM AT HOME/OFFICE OR NOT" that's the biggest advantage of availing Norton. Antivirus doesn't allow system or network makes log files or tracking activities, this makes our activities anonymous.
We GlobalTech Squad provide 24*7 online services for supporting Internet users. Just Installing Antivirus package is not enough also keeps on reacting update notifications .It will work as a vital for PC/Laptop.
It makes your public Wi-Fi private by not allowing logs record.
Suppose you are sitting in any mall or you are at your friend home and using their Wi-Fi hot spot. You might be sending personal mail, chatting privately with your family members, sharing important documents with colleague or to Boss, these all are the confidential activities that contain personal data, should be kept private. Antivirus allows your Laptop to work as anonymously that there would not be any log maintaining.
Sometime we just delete our data by mistake and also make our recycle bin Empty then that become a big problem to recover that data so Norton Antivirus support makes a backup periodically to restore our delete files. Those files kept system in encrypted format that if any other body will try to misuse that information your installed Antivirus will restrict that activity. It will only allow after confirming authentication i.e. “KEEPS YOU SAFE HAND”.

Uses terminology of auto kill and switching adopt system
It refers that, if anyhow any program will try to track your log of activities then your Antivirus will automatically close the Unsecured Internet connection and will not allow any unauthorized access.
We, GlobalTech Squad analyze your system on remote and provide you all tracked information about malware, Trojan or unauthorized access. We have a technically certified team that do such tasks of Installing and configuring of Antivirus support in a efficient and transparent manner that further in future you can customize your setting of antivirus as per the usage.
Feel Free to call us any time 24*7, we will assist you with your problems in your favor.
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